UV Swimming Accessories for Men

At KER SUN, we're committed to providing you with stylish, all-round sun protection for all your aquatic activities. Our UV swimming accessories for men are designed to let you enjoy the water to the full, while preserving the health of your skin.

Protection from the sun with our UV swimming accessories

Our UV swimming accessories for men are the essential addition to your sunny day at the beach, pool or sea. Now you can relax in peace with reliable sun protection. Our products are designed to effectively block harmful UV rays, minimizing the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Refreshing style with UV swim gloves or skull caps for men

At KER SUN, we believe that fashion and sun protection can go hand in hand. Our collection of men's UV protective swimwear accessories offers a variety of on-trend styles and colors to complete your summer look. Whether you're looking for a sun hat, mittens or uv face mask, we've got the perfect accessory to enhance your style in the bright sunshine. Our UV accessories will help you protect areas of your body that swim shirts or swimsuits can't reach, while ensuring a relaxing moment by the water.

Comfort and durability

The quality of our accessories is paramount. Our products are designed for exceptional comfort and durability. So you can enjoy your nautical activities with complete peace of mind, while being assured of high-quality accessories that will last over time. UPF 50+ certified (the maximum sun protection for sun protective clothing), our mittens, gloves and UV swim hats are designed to withstand the salt water of the sea, chlorinated water and swimming pools without losing their effectiveness. Blocking over 98% of UVA and UVB rays, you can wear our sun protective swimming accessories for men in complete safety, without worrying that sun protection will diminish once the fabric gets wet.

Discover our collection of sun protective accessories for men

Don't let the sun compromise your health. Explore our collection of UV swimming accessories for men today and complete your UV swimwear. You'll also find our full range of men's sun protective swimsuit, so you can combine style with protection!