Although trendy and recommended by scientists and environmentalists, UV protective clothing is not yet widely used in our European countries.

Asian and American countries have a lead in this field because in addition to protecting the skin, anti-UV clothing prevents premature aging of the skin and is also becoming a fashion phenomenon.

In France, we can therefore find certain products in foreign brand stores, but these stores are not specialists in UV protection, the offer is limited and difficult to find. This is why Ker-Sun, a specialist in sun protection products, selects specific UV protection clothing from around the world. Brands like Columbia, Rip-Curl or Coolibar are now sold there.

In order to adapt as closely as possible to the demands of its customers, Ker-Sun has also created its own clothing under the Nuvées brand in order to offer trendy and eco-responsible sun protection for clothing.

The products found on Ker-Sun are comfortable, suitable for everyday or sports use.

The delivery and exchange services are second to none. Customer satisfaction is Ker-Sun's number one goal and everything is done to make the customer feel confident..

Discover the selections ofUV protection clothing KER-SUN for ideal protection from the sun! You will findclothing for women,man,child &baby

January 30, 2021


Lebouvier said:

Oû trouver des chemises blanches manches longues anti Uv 3xl ?
C’est galère !

Isabelle Lachavanne said:

Bonjour, je suis intéressée par des mitaines. Où puis-je les trouver à Bruxelles ?
Merci pour votre réponse

M. Corinne said:

Où trouver vos produits en Bretagne ?

Warie aline said:

Bonjour avez vous des boutiques ou des dépôts dans le nord de la France vers Lille ou en Belgique merci

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