Who are we?

If you have reached this page, it is because you want to know a little more about us.

Who is behind Ker-Sun? Why are we specializing in sun protection? protection?

Our mission

At Ker Sun, our mission is to protect the skin from sun damage by preventing the risk of developing UV-related illnesses. We also want to help people with sensitive skin to regain their freedom while enjoying safely outdoor activities.

Ker Sun: the online reference shop for sun protective clothing and accessories in France and Europe.

All of our selected sun protective clothings are UPF50+ certified regardless of the colour of the fabric and are always made of light colored and breathable fabrics. Please note: UPF50+ certification is the highest certification and guarantees a protection of more than 98% of UV rays.

Your safety is our priority!

We use the most advanced machines to check the UV performance of the products we sell, even if they have already been certified by an external laboratory.

This allows us to guarantee optimal UPF50+ sun protection.
Products that do not pass our internal tests are not sold on Ker Sun.

The genesis

Awareness of the dangers of UV often comes from personal experience.

Claudia, our co-founder, tells her story:

" I (Claudia) have Lupus, an autoimmune disease, to which sun exposure can greatly aggravate the symptoms.

Every summer, I was looking for an efficient protection so I was always looking for clothes to protect me from the sun, but I never managed to find pieces that protected me well and in which I felt beautiful and feminine. The only protective clothing was either very sporty or very surfer-like.

In order to avoid having to explain to everyone why I was badly dressed, and to remind myself of my illness, I preferred not to go outside when it was very sunny.

However, during my trips to America and Asia, I saw clothes there that were anti-UV, with a style that I liked, but still breathable. I thought it was a shame that we couldn't find such a range of products in France. Ker Sun was born out of this discovery."

Claudia Galeana

The French media talk about us!

A French company!

We are a French e-shop and our offices are based in Annecy. We answer you from here when you contact us. We always welcome our customers with pleasure, however, all you have to do is contact us in advance to ensure our presence and availability. All our products are however shipped throughout Europe from our warehouse in Bourgogne in Créancey.

The team

Today, Ker Sun is a small team organized around 6 divisions:

The "Commercial Operations" division

To run the shop efficiently and ensure quality service.

The "Products" division

Pour sélectionner pour vous les meilleurs produits anti-UV . Mais aussi pour contrôler les produits existants, et développer des produits spécifiques sous notre marque (i.e Nuvées)

The "Communication" division

To develop quality content to inform you about sun protection, but also to promote Ker Sun.

The "Business development" division

To develop Ker Sun in France and Europe.

The "Administrative and Financial" division

To ensure the proper management of Ker Sun.

Would you like to join the KER SUN team?

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