Testimonies - Season 1

From one skin to another, from one disability to another, we don't live this life protected from the sun in the same way. In season 1 of our testimonials, we are highlighting 6 people who are sharing their stories. It's a way for us all to learn and be inspired. We hope you enjoy their stories and we thank them for their time and sharing.if you would like to take part in season 2, please contact us by email or phone to let us know. The format of the stories is free and we'll be happy to discuss them.

Episode 6: A lover of the sun

Christiane is 75 years old. Passionate about outdoor activities, she has often been exposed to the sun, which has meant several medical operations and a change of habits. Nevertheless, she is determined to continue her activities while protecting herself.

Episode 5: A new anti-UV life

Mrs MDC (anonymous) is 42 years old and suffers from acute sensitivity to UV rays. She can't stand the sun any more: "I feel like thousands of needles are going through me and it's been going on for 15 years".

Episode 4: A habit to get used to

Mrs AS (anonymous) is 50 years old and has phototype 2: blonde hair, fair skin, which can tan. However, she is covered in moles. She is therefore vigilant about protecting herself from the sun.

Episode 3: Magali's carcinomas and lupus

Magali, who suffers from lupus and several carcinomas, shares her advice on sun protection.

Episode 2: Amandine's vitiligo

To mark Vitiligo Day, Amandine, 27, tells us all about her condition and shares her experiences with us. Assertiveness is her watchword.

Episode 1: Alexandra's melanoma

Alexandra was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 25. She tells us her story and shares a few tips to help others avoid melanoma.