Protect yourself from the sun with an anti-UV shirt
To protect your skin from the sun, there are many types of clothing specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays. UV T-shirts are undoubtedly the best known, but at KER SUN we offer many other types of UV clothing, including UV shirts for women certified UPF 50+ (maximum UV certification).

Choosing the right UV shirt
A timeless garment par excellence, shirts come in an infinite variety of styles: long-sleeved or short-sleeved, for leisure or the office... It's important to choose the right shirt for maximum comfort in all situations.

UV-resistant shirts for everyday wear
You may want to wear a shirt on your way to the office, to lunch with friends or when you're shopping in town. Our UV shirts are feminine and elegant, and will fit in perfectly with your everyday outfits! If you're going to be walking or exposed to the sun for even a few minutes, we recommend that you wear sun protection, and a UV protection shirt is a great piece of clothing for everyday wear. Whether you're looking for denim shirts, long shirts or patterned shirts, you're bound to find what you're looking for in our wide range of women's UV shirts.

UV shirts for hiking
We also offer a selection of UV shirts for hiking. Made from UV-resistant fabrics that dry quickly, our UV shirts will be your allies on all your hikes and other walks, keeping you dry even when you're sweating.

Our UV shirts for women: lightweight and breathable
All our UV shirts for women are lightweight and designed to be worn in hot weather. Some are so light you'll hardly feel them on your skin. They're also breathable, with a loose fit that allows air to circulate and cool your body. For a 100% UV-resistant outfit that's light and comfortable, remember to wear UV-resistant trousers and a UV-resistant hat.