Dive into a refreshing summer!


This summer, stay protected from the sun more than ever!


This summer, stay protected from the sun more than ever!


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KER SUN: Specialist in sun protective clothing

Our mission since 2019 is to fight against UV related diseases. We effectively protect the most sensitive skins from the damage that the sun can cause.

Our expert team selects and develops UPF 50+ certified sun protective clothing and accessories, which guarantee you the maximum level of protection.

Thanks to KER SUN, regain the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities in complete safety, comfort and style.

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All about the dangers of the sun

What is a UV protection garment? What does "UPF 50+" mean?
How to protect yourself from the sun and UV rays?
How to recognize a melanoma ?

KER SUN gives you the answers to all your health questions related to the sun.

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KER SUN, essential Sun Protective Clothing to protect the whole family

Our UV Protective clothing and accessories for women

When the nice days are back, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun! Discover our selection of sun protective clothing and accessories for women to protect you from the sun's rays in all circumstances. Pleasant to wear even in hot weather thanks to their light and breathable materials, our UV t-shirts, shirts, jackets and UV leggings will protect you all year round from the dangers of the sun. You're sure to find the right UV protection for your needs, whether you're going for everyday wear or for outdoor sports activities like hiking, biking, running, golf, tennis or boating. Start preparing for your summer vacation with our UV resistant one-piece swimsuits, t-shirts and swim jackets, so you can safely enjoy a swim at the beach or a walk by the sea without worrying about the UV index.

The KER SUN selection of the best anti-UV clothes for men

For men, find our selection of UV t-shirts and polo shirts, as well as many anti-UV pants, without forgetting the sun hats and caps to protect your head, neck and ears from the sun's rays. Our sun protective clothing for men can be adapted to all body types: choose the cut of your UV shirt, straight or more fitted. Men will also find their happiness to protect their arms with UV cuffs, and wrists with UV mittens or gloves.

Protect the youngest with the KER SUN collection of sun protective clothing for children and babies

It's no myth that babies and young children are much more sensitive to the sun's rays. They can quickly suffer from short and long term damage caused by sunburn and heat stroke. It is therefore crucial to protect them with the right UV protection clothing, in addition to following basic rules, such as avoiding direct exposure to the sun. One sunburn during childhood increases the risk of melanoma, which is the most deadly type of skin cancer. KER SUN offers a wide range of UV t-shirts and swimsuits, but also sun hats and caps, as well as UV umbrellas for strollers.