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Discover our collection of UV protection skirts for women

These skirts are not only trendy fashion pieces, they also offer an effective barrier against the sun's harmful rays.

Elegance in the sun: UV protection skirts

At KER SUN, we believe that sun protection should never compromise style. Our UV Skirts for women are carefully designed, combining quality fabrics and modern design to ensure you stay fashionable while preserving the health of your skin. Our UV protection skirts are UPF 50+ certified, so you can be sure that over 98% of UVA and UVB rays will not reach your skin.

Why choose our UV skirts?
Made from lightweight materials that are extremely protective against the sun's UV rays, our UV skirts guarantee optimum comfort, with total freedom of movement throughout the day.

Developed to maximise coverage, they can be worn as skirts or adapted as dresses to suit your needs. Their adaptability is limitless, an essential asset for your days at the beach, for example.

At KER SUN we are committed to providing you with quality, fashionable and protective UV clothing. Choosing our UV Skirts means choosing sun protection combined with elegance. Make every sunny day an opportunity to shine with style and confidence.

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