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Find out everything you need to know about UV T-shirts!

Legally, in Europe, to call a t-shirt "UV t-shirt", its sun protection index must be higher than UPF40. At KER SUN, we prefer UV protection t-shirts with a UPF50+ index to guarantee optimal protection.

They talked about us !

Enjoy the sun safely with our selection of women's sun protective clothing!

We love to enjoy the sun! We have to admit that it brings a lot of positive aspects to our lives. However, we often forget the risks, even though they are almost all avoidable

To enjoy all your outdoor activities, whether in your garden, on the terrace, at the beach, in the mountains, during a walk, or when you play sports ... protect yourself and keep only the positive sides of the sun.

Did you know that not all clothing provides effective protection?


Burn in 10 minutes

Bare skin


Burn in 50 minutes

UPF 5 : White cotton T-shirt


Protect more than 8 hours

UPF 50+ : Sun protective clothing

*Test performed with ultraviolet rays capable of causing burns after 10 minutes.

With sun protective clothing, people use less sunscreen and are better protected

Enjoying the sun without constraints during your outdoor activities, it is possible, thanks to our selection. You will never feel so good in the sun during your sports, your travels, at the water's edge or simply at home during the weekend

Are babies more sensitive to the sun?

Yes! Babies can quickly suffer short- and long-term damage from sunburn and heatstroke, so it's crucial to protect them from the sun.

Sunburn can cause pain, fever and dehydration. A single sunburn during childhood increases the risk of melanoma (the most deadly type of skin cancer) as well as wrinkles later in life.

Use sun protective swimsuits so you don't have to put sunscreen on your kids anymore!

Our sun protective t-shirts and swimsuits will protect your children from the sun and guarantee absolute peace of mind at the beach.

Who are we?

We are Claudia and Nicolas and we created Ker-Sun in 2019 with the ambition to be able to provide as many people as possible with simple and effective sun protection.

We want to take care of your health by protecting your skin from sun damage

For this we select sun protection clothes that are nice, trendy, comfortable and that protect effectively from ultraviolet rays.

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