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Discover our collection of UV-protective polo shirts for women. At KER SUN, we don't compromise between style and sun protection. Our anti-UV polo shirts are specially designed to combine elegance and protection against the sun's harmful rays, protecting you in all your outdoor activities.

Our women's anti-UV polo shirts for everyday wear

Our women's UV polo shirts are designed to meet your needs in every situation. Whether you're planning a casual day at the beach, a sunny round of golf or a night out on the town, our women's UV polo shirts offer top UV protection without compromising your style. Certified UPF 50+, the maximum sun protection factor, our women's long- and short-sleeved anti-UV polo shirts will protect you against over 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your health. Choose from a range of colors, cuts and sizes to find the UV polo shirt that's just right for you.

Our women's anti-UV polo shirts for guaranteed sun protection

Made from technical fabrics specially chosen for their high performance in terms of sun protection and comfort when worn, each piece in our collection has a high UV protection index, guaranteeing a solid barrier over time against UV, and resisting daily wear and repeated washing. All our women's UV polo shirts are made from lightweight materials, ensuring optimum comfort. Some models are highly breathable, keeping you cool even on hot, sunny days.

Opt for the perfect union of style and sun protection with our UV-protective polo shirts for women. At KER SUN, your well-being and elegance are our top priorities. Enjoy the outdoors with confidence and style. Browse our collection of women's UV-protective pants to complete your 100% UV-protective look.