UV protective clothing and accessories for golf

Here you will find our selection of the best UV clothing suitable for golf and UPF 50+ certified, for men and women. Your skin needs excellent sun protection on the green all year round, whether the sun's rays are strong or the sky is cloudy. Create your own complete UV golf outfit, in which you will feel comfortable working on your swing.

The perfect UV outfit for men's golfers

For men's golfers, good sun protective outfit includes a long-sleeved UV polo shirt and UV-resistant golf pants. The most important thing is to choose an outfit in which you will be comfortable during your swing.

A wide-brimmed UV hat will protect your face and neck from harmful rays, and will also help you to stay focused on your game without being dazzled by the light.

Don't forget to protect your hands with UV-resistant mittens or golf gloves. If you prefer to play with a short-sleeved top, anti-UV cuffs will come in handy to protect your arms and forearms. Finally, don't forget a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Our UV recommendations for women's golfers

Are you a female golfer? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, we recommend a complete set of anti-UV clothing to protect your skin when you are on the green. Even when it is not hot or sunny, UV rays are still present and pose a danger to your health.

A long-sleeved UV-resistant polo shirt is the essential piece of clothing for playing safely and protecting your upper body. You will also need comfortable UV trousers in which you can move freely. If you prefer to play in a skirt or bermuda shorts, remember to apply a sufficient quantity of SPF 50+ sun cream at least every two hours.

Whether your hair is long or short, a UV protection hat with a wide brim is highly recommended. It will protect your face, neck and nape from ultraviolet rays and help you keep your eye on the ball. Finally, remember to protect your hands from the sun by wearing UV mittens, and to protect your eyes with sunglasses suitable for golf.

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