With our UV dresses, stay stylish while taking care of your skin

At KER SUN, we understand that sun protection shouldn't compromise your everyday style. If you love wearing dresses but need to protect your skin from the sun's rays, we have the perfect solution for you: our UV dresses. We offer a range of dresses so you can choose the one that best suits your sun protection needs. Whether you need to protect your arms or your legs, you're bound to find THE perfect UV protection dress for you.

Our UV dresses for elegant, sun-protected everyday wear

Our UV dresses are UPF 50+ certified, the highest UV certification in Europe. By wearing a KER SUN UV dress, you block more than 98% of UV rays, giving your skin excellent sun protection. Our UV dresses are designed to give you uncompromising elegance while protecting you from harmful UV rays. They will fit perfectly into your everyday life and provide maximum comfort. Lightweight, our UV dresses are also breathable, thanks to their special UV fabric and loose-fitting design that allows air to circulate freely. Choose your UV protection dress from a variety of trendy designs and colours, and shine with confidence every day, whether at the office, at lunch with friends or during your weekend activities. You can also wear our stylish UV protection dresses to chic outdoor events such as birthdays and weddings.

Our UV beach dresses

Whether you're planning a sunny day at the beach or lounging by the pool, our UV protection beach dresses will meet all your needs. Ideal for wearing over your UV-protective swimming costume when you get out of the water, they dry quickly and are designed to keep you cool. With their long sleeves, our UV protection dresses have plenty of coverage to protect your shoulders, chest, back and arms from the sun's harmful rays. Some models are also long enough to cover your legs from the sun, and can be transformed into a skirt as you wish. Please note that our UV protection dresses do not cover your entire body and therefore do not protect all of your skin. We therefore recommend that you apply a sufficient amount of SPF 50+ sun cream to all areas not covered by your dress, at least every two hours.

Don't wait any longer to combine sun protection and elegance with our women's UV protection dresses! Choose the model that best suits your lifestyle and best enhances your figure. And complete your look while protecting your face from the sun with our wide range of women's UV protection hats.