We love to enjoy the sun, we must admit that it brings a lot of positive side to our lives: it develops our vitamin D, it boosts our morale, it is often a sign of holidays, it makes us want to enjoy nature and outside…

However, the risks are often overlooked when almost all of them are completely preventable. The sun's ultraviolet rays cause:

  • Skin cancer, which accounts for a third of cancers
  • Premature aging of the skin with the appearance of spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin…
  • Sun allergies
  • The aggravation or development of certain diseases such as Lupus, Vitiligo or Psoriasis
  • Serious eye damage such as cataracts or retinal degeneration

To enjoy all your outdoor activities, whether in your garden, on the terrace, on the beach, in the mountains, during a walk, or when you play sports protect yourself and keep only the positive sides of the sun..

There are many ways to protect yourself. At Ker-Sun, we provide advice on how to safely enjoy the sun. We also offerfromUV protection clothing designed to protect from the sun during all outdoor activities. We have selected the bestwomen's UV protection clothing,child,baby andman.


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