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Anti-UV clothing from Columbia provides effective protection from the sun's rays.
Here's some important information to know about their labeling.

The label on a Columbia anti-UV garment features a pictogram "40+", whereas the garment is certified UPF 50+. We will explain why.

Etiquetage vêtements anti-UV Columbia - KER SUN

To justify the anti-UV claim on a garment, a brand must rely on a standard to prove that its fabric does indeed protect against UV rays. There are a number of different standards for testing fabrics used in clothing. Here are the three main ones:

- The European standard: EN 13758-1
- The American standard: AATCC 183
- The Australian and New Zealand standard: AS/NZS 4399

These three standards are all very similar, and the differences in results are minimal. As long as a product is labeled UPF 50+ according to one of these standards, rest assured, you're well protected! ☀️

At KER SUN, we are equipped to test fabrics according to these different standards. This allows us to control existing materials and innovate new ones for our Nuvées brand.

Columbia anti-UV garments also comply with European standard EN 13758-2, which advises on the markings to be affixed to anti-UV garments. In order to comply with this standard, we must affix the sun-shaped pictogram (as shown in the image above). This pictogram includes the words "40+" even when the garment is UPF 50+. This is the case for Columbia anti-UV garments.

Recently, it has also been possible to indicate "50+" on the sun pictogram if the fabric exceeds UPF 50. However, the Columbia brand has decided to continue using the original label on all its sun protection garments.

Chemise anti-UV homme - Columbia - KER SUNSweat anti-UV femme Columbia - KER SUN

At KER SUN, as UV protection specialists, we only sell Columbia garments with UPF 50+ fabric on our website.

We are available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have about your UV protection garments, or for any other advice you may need.