Many of you have questions about how to take care of our UV clothing. We will answer all your questions through this blog.

Question n°1 : How do I wash UV protective clothing purchased from Ker Sun?

Our clothes are machine washable, following the instructions on the care label. This will let you know, depending on the textile fiber, the maximum washing temperature that your garment can withstand, but also the appropriate program to avoid damage.

👉 The labels are present inside the garment.

Question n°2 : What do the washing symbols in the clothes mean?

On Care labels on your clothes , washing precautions are sometimes represented by symbols, in a specific order. There are instructions for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional cleaning.

Here are their meanings below.👇

Question n°3 : Some of the clothes purchased from Ker Sun have a "NEVER WASHES OUT" label, what does this mean?

It's an American expression which simply means that sunscreen doesn't wash off. So no worries, you still can wash your cloth!

Question n°4 : How do I preserve the life of my UV-protective swimwear (swim t-shirts, swimsuits, etc.)?

In order to keep your  UV  swimwear like the first day  for as long as possible, here are our  tips to follow : 

- Rinse your anti-UV swimsuit with clean water after each swim because  residual chlorine or seawater could damage your swimsuit in the long term.

- Wash your swimsuit at low temperature at 30°, but refer especially to the wash labels inside the cloth.

-  Do not dry your swimsuit in the dryer :  it damages  the elastane which is one of the main materials ofs  swimsuits. 

- Pay attention to surfaces : pool edges, rocks, docks, can all have rough surfaces that break the fibers of your swimsuit.

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August 18, 2022

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