Women's Long Sleeves UV Top UPF 50+ - Morada Coolibar
SailorGreen IvyEmber RedGray HeatherNavyDark Taupe HeatherLight Blue HeatherWhiteGray & White StripeBlackNavy/White StripeCoral RushLush Magenta+ 10 more
Women's Long Sleeves UV Shirt UPF 50+ - Rhodes Coolibar
WhiteBay aquaRadiant RedWarm TaupeLush MagentaBlack+ 3 more
Women's UV Hat UPF 50+ - Brittany Coolibar
Natural Modern HerringboneNavyWhiteBlackNavy Artisan PaisleyNavy Multicolor+ 3 more
Unisex Men's & Women's UV Facemask UPF 50+ - Blackburn Coolibar
WhiteBeigeBlackDusty MauveCharcoal Coolibar CamoCharcoal+ 3 more
Women's UV Arm Sleeves UPF 50+ - Backspin Coolibar
WhiteBlackSilverNavyCharcoal Heather+ 2 more
Women's Long Sleeves UV Wrap UPF 50+ - Marietas Coolibar
NavyDark Taupe HeatherWhiteLight Blue HeatherGray HeatherNavy/White StripeBlackGray/White StripeGreen IvySoft Lilac+ 7 more
Women's sun protective wide leg pants - Petra - Coolibar
Abricot CrushSoft LilacNavyBlackRadiant RedWarm TaupeSailor MatiraLush Magenta+ 5 more
Unisex Men's & Women's UV Hat UPF 50+ - Golf Coolibar
StoneSteel GreyWhiteBlackBlue Digital Camo+ 2 more
Women's anti-UV sports sweatshirt - Arabella - Coolibar
Navy Diamond JacquardSoft Lilac Diamond JacquardWhite Diamond JacquardAruba Blue Diamond Jacquard+ 1 more
Woman UV Shrug Sweater - Luna - Coolibar
CoralGreyBlueBlackGreen Ivy+ 2 more
Women's sun protective light sweat - Sun Trek - Columbia
Chiné Géranium sauvageWild geraniumVista bluePeachyNocturnalSea wave+ 3 more
Women's Long Sleeves UV Swim Top UPF 50+ - Paros Coolibar
Ocean BreezeWhiteTropical Orchid StripeAura BlueBlue Water Print+ 2 more
Women's sun protective pants - Pellaro - Coolibar
SwedenMidnight SkyPalm LeafBlack+ 1 more
Women's UV Shawl UPF 50+ - Pesaro Coolibar
Radiant Red Deco PalmBlackBay Aqua Coastal IkatWhiteWarm Taupe+ 2 more
Women's UV Bandana UPF 50+ - Grassi Sun Coolibar
Aura BlueWhiteBlackRadiant RedSailor Coastal+ 2 more
Women's UV Dress UPF 50+ - Malta Coolibar
Black Shadow StipeWhite/Moonlight Stripe
Women's Short Sleeves UV Top UPF 50+ - Devi Fitness Coolibar
WhiteAura Blue HeatherSoft LilacMulti couleur Geode Stripe+ 1 more
Women's UV Hoodie UPF 50+ - Seaside Coolibar
NavyWhiteGray HeatherWhite/Navy StripeLight Blue HeatherBlackRadiant Coral+ 4 more
Women's UV protection swim tee - Whole Hearted - Roxy
Purple pinkPapaya punchAzure blueStraw greenNavy blueBrilliant whiteAnthracite+ 4 more
Women's sun protective t-shirt - Hearted - Roxy
€35,90 to €39,90
Azure BlueAnthracitePapaya punchMood Indigo+ 1 more

Women's sun protection clothing - Sun protection made easy

Discover our exclusive collection of women's UV protection clothing, designed to give you simple, effective sun protection while keeping your style.,

Enjoying the sun with complete peace of mind

At KER SUN, we understand the importance of keeping your skin healthy from the sun's UV rays. That's why our range of UV protection clothing for women is the perfect solution for women who are concerned about their health and well-being.

Why opt for UV clothing ?

Sun protection is essential to avoid the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Our UPF 50+ (maximum certification) sun protective clothing is specially designed with high-quality fabrics that block over 98% of UVA and UVB rays, reducing the risk of sunburn, premature skin ageing (including the appearance of brown spots) and serious skin problems.

Women's UV protection clothing for all types of activities

At KER SUN, we select and develop a wide range of stylish and functional anti-UV clothing especially for you, to accompany you and keep you protected all day long. Whether you're looking for a long-sleeved shirt, a sun protective swimmsuit, a lightweight dress or a wide-brimmed hat, we've got everything you need to protect you from the sun without compromising on style. Our clothing is available in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes to suit all tastes and body shapes. At KER SUN, you'll find everything you need to protect you from UV rays when you're hiking, playing sports or just enjoying a quiet moment outdoors.

Advantages of our UV Protection Clothing for Women

  • Maximum Protection : Our UPF 50+ clothes are tested in our laboratory to offer optimum sun protection, with a UV protection factor of over 50 for total peace of mind.

  • Unrivalled comfort: Made from breathable, lightweight materials, our UV clothes ensure all-day comfort, even in hot weather. Their loose-fitting design allows air to circulate freely, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. 

  • Style : Stay at the cutting edge of fashion with our trendy creations designed to suit your active lifestyle. Choose from our 300 models of women's sun protection clothing.

  • Durability : Our sun protective clothes are designed to last, resisting wear and tear and repeated washing while retaining their UV protection. 

At KER SUN, protecting our customers is our priority. Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and concerns. Explore our range of men's sun protection clothing.